Update to “Books I need to read asap!”

In the 17th of february I posted a compilation of the books I wanted to get read as soon as possible. Two months have passed and things aren’t looking that great… Here’s an update.

Read pile

I’ve finished Piso 3 Quarto 313 by Fernando Correia, The Sea of Monsters by Rick Riordan and I Am Nujood, Age 10 and Divorced by Nujood Ali. All these books were mentioned in the previous post and I’m proud I’ve kind of sticked with the plan for the past two months!

Currently-reading pile

I’m still reading Um Homem Chamado Ove (in english A Man Called Ove) by Fredrik Backman, An Inconvenient Truth by Al Gore and Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse, just like I was two months ago. I’ve made some process in A Man Called Ove which I should finish soon enough!

I’ve also started reading two more books that weren’t in the first list – as if I didn’t have enough there… The Titan’s Curse by Rick Riordan, following The Sea of Monsters, and The Diving Bell and the Butterfly by Jean-Dominique Bauby.

To-be-read pile

I eliminated four books from the ones I’ve mentioned in the different categories in the other post without having read them, just because I felt overwhelmed! This being said, there are no more urgent books to be read after I finish the five I’m currently reading!


The fear of rejection is probably worse than the rejection itself. At least that’s what I’ve experienced so far.

I’ve been wanting to record a “Questions and Answers” type of video for the longest time and I managed to record one so far. That’s too little when compared to how strongly I want to record them. I like the interaction it provides between “youtuber” and “viewer”.

The part of the process that annoys me while recording a video like that is the asking for questions part. I’m always as close as to beg for questions. I’ve posted a “tweet” where I asked for questions and I’ve only received one – from my boyfriend…

The tricky part is that I know that if I’d only jump over this process, if I’d only ask for questions in a stronger way, I’d probably get them. I could – and that’s probably what I’m going to do – record the first video with only that one question and then keep asking for questions. That could work and I could continue with that until people would connect and start asking questions.

You can understand by what I’ve said so far that what’s stopping me is indeed the fear of rejection and not the rejection itself. I was rejected when I’ve only received one question in my “tweet”, but it’s the fear of not receiving any more in the first “Q&A video” that’s stopping me from getting this started.

I shouldn’t stop doing what I enjoy doing because I’m afraid other people won’t like it because, honestly, I don’t feel that bad when they don’t. I don’t feel sad because I only have one question. I feel sad because I may not have the guts to record a video with only that one question – that’s actually a great question!

Whenever you feel the same way as I do and you don’t feel like doing something because you’re afraid people will reject you, think about if it will actually damage you to be rejected or if you’re just making a too big of a deal out of it – as I am right now.

(Even if it may damage you to be rejected, it may damage you more to not try. Note that as well!)

Pile of thoughts

It currently feels like the pile of things to do will never be gone. I’ve just finished an assignment and there’s already one more waiting to be done. There isn’t time to focus on other things I enjoy apart from Physiotherapy. Even though I do enjoy Physiotherapy, I’d love to be able to read, to write, to listen to music, to watch movies, to play videogames, without feeling guilty. What usually happens is that I do all those things while I should be doing Physiotherapy related assignments. I’m never happy and relaxed while doing those things. For example, I was about to go play a videogame but I’m not going to do that now because I know I wouldn’t be enjoying it as I’d like to. I know this happens to other people as well and I wish we’d all just have more freetime. It’s a social issue that should be solved. There isn’t time to focus on our family and friends. There isn’t time to follow other passions. We don’t have to have only one passion. We can have several of those and we should be able to pursue all of them. There isn’t enough time.

I Am Nujood, Age 10 and Divorced!

Image result for me nujood

“I’m a simple village girl who has always obeyed the orders of my father and brothers. Since forever, I have learned to say yes to everything. Today I have decided to say no.”

This is the story of Nujood, obliged to marry at a very young age to a man of the triple of her age. This braves girl ends up saying no and running away, finding help in justice.

I’ve read this book twice and I truly enjoyed it both the times. Even though the theme itself is quite heavy, the book turns out to be so well written that it filled me with hope instead of despair.
It’s a very easy book to be read and I couldn’t help but keep going in order to rediscover what happens to Nujood’s family in the end.
I’ve also enjoyed how it portraits life in Yemen and lets the reader understand the context in which this action takes place, even though it’s all written from a child’s point of view. It’s obvious that Delphine helped a lot though the writing process. There are a lot of political issues that are mentioned in this book.
I recommend you all to read this book and to research more about children marriage in Yemen and in other countries, since it’s something that happens all over the world. If you can, help fighting this tradition that’s hurting so many children.

Yemen’s political situation is not the best as of march 2017 and I can’ help wandering what happened to Nujood since 2009. I hope she’s living as happy as possible and that she’s able to protect more kids from what has happened to her.

Is it easier the second time around?

Someone died in my past. It was a life-changing situation. It led to who I am today and it threw me into a depressive pit. Today my beautiful grandma died.

I’m trying very hard not to cry and I’m kind of being able to do that, even though it’s hard when you think about the good times. I need to jump straight through the other steps and accept it. It’s normal for people to die. She didn’t suffer and she was loved.

Above everything else, I need to stop myself from feeling guilty. That’s what we all do, isn’t it? Someone leaves us and we can’t help but feeling sad and guilty about every single time we said something wrong or mean. I try to do my best every day of my life and I can  only judge my options before I take them. After I take them, I can’t judge the mental process that led to them because I’m not in that situation anymore. Today I won’t feel guilty. There were two seconds where I felt already. but I stopped it before it grew any stronger.

Today I’m going to wear black because that’s all people like in these days. People like to see you crying and suffering or else you’re not feeling the death properly. I’m going to look like I’m suffering, for the sake of everyone, but I’m going to fight this battle inside and I’m going to be smiling inside by remembering all the good times we had together.

I’m going to remember when I used to play in her house and I’m going to remember how mean she was to me! She has always been mean to people, that’s a fact. That was because she loved us and she didn’t want to lose us by any means, that’s an opinion.

Grandma, my dear grandma, I forgive you from everything you’d want me to forgive you of and I hope you forgive me from everything I did wrong until now. Apologies done, even though this was not the best way to do them.

It’s time to wear black. It’s time to take a pen and a paper. It’s time to write down all our memories since I know that’s going to be the worst part in some days. I know I’m going to feel like I don’t have enough memories. That’s why I need to write them as fast as possible!

Bye bye, grandma. I love you.

Cat day is more important than Pangolin day.

Don’t get me wrong right away. I love that there’s that day where people celebrate their love for their cats. That’s positive and I embrace everything that makes people happy without harming anyone else.

As someone who fights in order to reduce as much as possible the harm I inflict on others and on our planet, I can’t help feeling like yesterday was a very small step towards peace between animals, which would be the main goal of this kind of special days.

Today is Pangolin day and I’m sure this will be another of the many days that go by without people noticing it. Fortunately, pangolins are usually not a “domestic” animal, even though some people try to turn them into one. There’s no point in doing anything today. So you know I’m not judging you, I won’t do anything about it except writing this text.

Image result for pangolin

Two reasons why pangolins are in danger are people eating their meat and people using their scales. I didn’t even know about that until I found a post of WWF in my Facebook feed today.

I’m not writing this in order to alert you about pangolins, even though I’m glad I can do that. I’m writing this in order to alert you about the existence of other animals in the world besides cats, dogs and other “domestic” animals. There are also cows, pigs, monkeys, lions, sharks, tunas, bees, flies. There are so many I wouldn’t be able to write them all down even if I wanted to. I want you to think about that and I want you to think about if you want to do something about other animals besides the ones you closely live with.

Cats and dogs aren’t the only ones that have the ability to suffer.

Books I need to read asap!

The books I’m sharing today are the ones I can’t wait to read and, I can’t lie, to get rid of! These are books that have been either on my currently-reading pile or on my to-be-read pile for far too long. Let’s get started because there are too many books to be shared today…

Currently-reading pile

Image result for an inconvenient truth book cover

I’ve watched the film that was used to create An Inconvenient Truth by Al Gore when I was in high-school and it had a huge impact on me. I’m currently reading this for the first time and I intend to create a video with some of the facts included in here!

Image result for siddhartha capa livro

I’ve read Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse last year and it was mind-blowing! I’m in the process of rereading it in order to create a video with everything I learned from it.

Image result for the sea of monsters book

I won’t give up on The Sea of Monsters by Rick Riordan! Seriously. I’m half through this and I can’t wait to finish it and hopefully fall in love with this series, even though I doubt that will happen…

Image result for o meças

I’ve started this portuguese book, O Meças by J. Rentes de Carvalho, yesterday. I did enjoy what I read but I doubt I’ll be able to finish this before I finish the three books mentioned before this one!

Image result for um homem chamado ove

Um Homem Chamado Ove (in english A Man Called Ove) by Fredrik Backman is the one book I’m not worried about. I’ve started this in january but I had to stop it since I’m reading with a friend who’s currently reading other books!

To-be-read pile

This is not my complete TBR pile, obviously. These are the most urgent ones!

Image result for attachments rainbow rowell

First of all we’ve got Attachments by Rainbow Rowell that I’m reading in february with one of my best friends for our Goodreads book club. It’s going to be my first Rainbow Rowell book ever!

And these are the books I wanted to read to a marathon I created with the same friend I’m reading Um Homem Chamado Ove with but that I couldn’t even start back then:

Image result for piso 3 quarto 313


Image result for divorciada aos 10 anos


Image result for sigmund freud a minha vida dava um livro

This is the order in which I intend to read them throughout the following months (plural because I know I won’t finish them as soon as I want to).

I don’t know if I’ll read this biography of Sigmund Freud… I’m not as excited as I am for the Gandhi one, if you want me to be honest! I’ll probably exchange it.

If you want more information about these books, you can watch the video where I presented them here.

Wish me luck! Have a nice day and be happy, fellow booklovers ❤