Between stability and development

Today I made a choice I have been questioning myself about for the past few weeks. It was a choice between a stable full-time job at a clinic and a more diverse intervention at several places throughout the week where I will possibly learn a lot more.

I graduated in late July, started working by mid-August and had three jobs by early September. I like to think I was not only lucky but also proactive while I was unemployed. I recall how terrifying those two weeks were and I do not like the possibility of ending up at the same place now due to turning down the stable job we are discussing here. That being said, there are other facts that have to be considered.

Having worked full-time at a clinic for three weeks I found that the cases I was studying were not very diverse. I ended up craving time to research different interventions and wishing I could manage other pathologies aside from the usual supraspinatus, rotator cuff and pes anserine tendinopathies. I became comfortable being there and I think that is not the environment that will push me forward.

Something missing in my life is also a role model, such as the physiotherapists I used to spend time with during my internship. And even though I know I can learn a lot through studying the evidence, I also know I can learn specific interventions by observing other people working.

I declined the offer. I do not know if I am making the right choice and I do not expect to know that until it is too late to change it. I believe I will find something else that will make me uncomfortably improve myself as a physiotherapist and I believe I will do some interesting things in the future as a physiotherapist. Those beliefs do not make those two thoughts a reality but they may help me achieve them in the future.


Monday, 2nd of October 2017