The Karate Kid?

I remember the 1984 movie from when I was younger and today was the first time watching the 2010 movie. I’ll make sure to rewatch the original one soon but today I want to talk about the most recent one.

Is it amazing or what? There were moments in which I forgot I was watching a movie. It felt like a true story. The best part for me was Jackie Chan’s interpretation. That critical moment in his part (I’m not giving you any spoilers but people who watched it will understand) was beautiful.

Ever though I enjoyed it a lot, I’ve got an honest concern to express. Is karate the same as kung fu? I’m confused. Why is the movie called Karate Kid if the kid fights Kung Fu? I don’t know if I’ll understand it in the future, watching the related movies, but I still want to express it here.

What I think about Bridget Jones’s movies

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I’ve never been a fan of the Bridget Jones’s movies. I’ve always felt that they were shallow and that they couldn’t teach me anything. She seems incapable of being happy without a man by her side and I can’t support that message. Just a few hours ago I watched Bridget Jones’s Baby and I felt a little bit different. Even though this last movie was not enough for make me empathize with her in any way, I felt that it had a lot more sense in it and that it didn’t come across as shallow as the other two I watched before. I don’t feel like I want to read any of the Bridget Jones’s books but I could do it if I ever come across them. That’s more than I’d say before and I think that’s due to this last movie I watched.

First time watching The Book Thief

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I just watched The Book Thief for the first time. I read the novel in which the movie is based last year and it instantly became one of my favourite books ever read. We all know it’s hard to watch a movie after reading a book because we can’t help but noticing everything that’s changed or missing. In this case, I enjoyed the movie a little less than the book but it still made me feel a lot of what I felt with the book.