House M.D.: Unrealistic?

As a child I grew up enjoying House M.D. but, as time goes by, all the issues I find comparing what happens in the TV series and what happens in real life hospitals in Portugal keep lowering my level of enjoyment while watching it.

The opinion I will express here is based on what I have experienced living in Portugal and being a physiotherapy intern in portuguese hospitals. There may be a different reality somewhere in the United States of America, where the series’ action takes place.

When my knowledge was barely enough to recognize what a doctor does within the walls of a hospital, I believed that everything happening in Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital represented the reality. As I grew older and I started watching other TV series, such as Grey’s Anatomy, I realized things weren’t that simple.

What is represented in House M.D. is a team of doctors that, even though are part of the Diagnostic Medicine team, perform surgeries and everything else a patient needs while hospitalized.

The team work that is involved in a real life hospital (at least in a portuguese one) is much better represented in Grey’s Anatomy, as different specialities come together to treat a patient that needs different interventions, instead of the prevalence of a single team performing every task necessary, no matter which specialty it usually belongs to. Looking at you, Wilson, “oncologist”.

Besides that issue, which is the one that makes me unwilling to keep watching House M.D. since I feel I am not learning much about real life interventions, there are also the ethical ones.

It is one thing to give a patient a treatment when it is the only option you have to improve its situation, even though there may be some uncertainty about its diagnosis. It is different when other possibilities have not yet been excluded and doctors keep trying treatment after treatment. What I keep noticing in the Diagnostic Medicine team’s meetings is a discussion until they reach a possible diagnosis. After that, the possibility is investigated by either the patient being tested or being treated. Only after the result of the treatment (usually a decline in the patient’s situation), there is another meeting in which the team tries to find an alternative diagnosis. The question I ask is: why not start by thinking about every single possibility instead of interrupting immediately the meetings everytime a plausible one appears?

Even though that may bring some concerns, the worst issue I have with House M.D. is situations in which the patient’s decisions are not respected. For example, in DNR (season 1, episode 9) the patient signs a do-not-resuscitate order and is intubated anyway.

I am tired of unrealistic medicine TV shows and movies. They lose their appeal to me and I am sure I am not the only one feeling this way.


Walk of Happiness

They were walking side by side. The conversation had vanished long ago but their connection was just evolving. Their steps synchronized and, once in a while, glances were exchanged. Those glances had been full of shame but soon, with the acceptance that there were nothing else to say, became full of complicity. At the end of the day, there was only happiness. That walk was only about that feeling.
Although they can not remember where they have been walking or what they said to each other before that silence took place, there is no forgetting the relaxed complicity they shared.


Six books in my currently-reading pile: How did this happen again?

I was trying to be more selective when choosing books to read, avoiding reading several books at a time. That did not work out that well.

Due to several cirscumstances, I am reading six books simultaneously. I do like them all and I do want to continue reading every single one of them, which only makes this situation worse!

Here is the list of books I am currently reading:

  1. Manny Man Does the History of Ireland, John D. Ruddy
  2.  Ioga – O Caminho da Harmonia (Pocket Guide to Hatha Yoga), Michele Picozzi
  3. The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Douglas  Adams
  4. O Kamasutra de Grey (Fifty Nights in Gray: A Sensual Journey in Black and White), Laura Elias
  5. O Último Judeu (The Last Jew), Noah Gordon
  6. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, J. K. Rowling

My next couple of weeks are already reserved for these, which will take all my precious time. I am also writing some posts based on some of these, so… There is that to look forward o!

Someone’s Flake

The smell should have been enough to give it away but I could only realize that I was in the middle of a crime scene when a freaking flake flew to the tip of my nose. There was nothing burning now but it sure smelled like it. Well, something had been just a few minutes ago. Now there is only a pile of ashes on the ground and tons of them in the air. I suddenly realize that as I am breathing I am inhaling bits of people. This is not how I pictured my life when I joined the love of my life in a romantic trip across the country. Now I don’t know where he is and there are parts of someone that he probably killed inside of me. I need to get out of this room and run.


An apology | Ireland 2017

So… I should have written something about my trip to Ireland before, shouldn’t I? I am so deeply sorry I did not but you will need to understand my life was a mess since the last post I shared with you.

Even though I did not take you with me along the process, I will now share my experiences in Ireland – day by day – with you. I will share both facts and my feelings, along with awesome pictures taken mainly by Hector.

I hope you enjoy the posts I will share and I expect to be more consistent with them. Talk to you soon!

My partner in boredom for today

What do you do when you’re about to leave to a possibly boring event, such as a company dinner or a conference you really don’t care about, and you’re anything but excited? You bring a book with you!

Taking a book with me ever since I remember to every possibly boring event I took part of over the years has definitely helped me getting over those moments when all I wanted to do was leaving or taking a nap.

Today my choice will be the spanish version of Memories of My Melancholy Whores, by the one and only Gabriel García Márquez. This promises to be an entertaining book and I’m sure I’ll be able to escape reality if I need to open it!

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