Who is Alexandra?


I’m a portuguese woman with a passion for both reading and writing. Well, that’s about it but there’s more. In fact, I love art in general. I love music since I was a child. I love to hear, I used to love to play it and I certainly love to hear it live! I enjoy to watch movies. Dramas are my thing but I can’t say no to pretty much any historical movie. Oh, talking about history! Books. I love historical books. I also love classics. I think I can love pretty much any book as long as it does something to change my life. Food is great as well. Vegetarian food, of course, because another passion is trying to live as peacefully as possible. Oh, I’ve got a YouTube channel. I guess I’ve got two YouTube channels. They’re small in number of subscribers but big in the impact they have on me! Even though I’m quite shy, I love to meet new people and discover what they’ve got to offer. That being said, please feel free to talk with me. I’d love that as well.