Finished CV. What now?

I’ve been working hard on my CV for the past couple of days and I feel it’s a rather good CV for someone who’s just finished her degree (I’m going to complete my physiotherapy’s degree in july). The thing is that I don’t feel it will be worth anything in a world of connections.

I don’t talk that much and I feel I’d be better of if I’d have a bigger number of people that enjoy my personality rather than a CV with some interesting content. It’s hard to get to know someone through a CV. I could’ve lied. I know people that do that. How will an employer know that I’m not lying and that I’m actually able of doing what I mentioned I’m good at?

And how am I supposed to compete with people that are lying on their CV’s? Besides that, how am I supposed to compete with people that have an year experience? Why would someone pick someone who’s just left college besides the fact that I may admit to receive less money than someone with some experience?

It’s a scary world I’m about to enter but I’m sure I’ll make something out of this. I have to both concern myself about being the best physiotherapist I can and to find a job in which I can evolve without too many worries.


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