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I’ve read Illuminae in about four days (less than that). That goes to show it was a pleasant read.

This is a science fiction book where a planet is attacked by a corporation called BeiTech, in the year of 2575. Kady and Ezra end up fighting for their lives on an evacuating fleet. There’s much more to it but I’ll leave it for you to read the rest!


I especially liked that this book grabbed me so much from the beginning. It’s one of those books where we do not want to stop reading because we want to know what’s going to happen next. However, this also implies that what is happening at that moment is not extremely captivating.

It is interesting that the story is presented to us through documents rather than a personal narration. Sometimes the documents appear to be too subjective in my opinion, especially when it comes to the transcription of images or the nucleus of the AI. This has an explanation, but even so, it removed some of the charm of this type of presentation.

I may read the other books in the series, even though it is not a priority. Anyway, I give this book 4 stars because I think it is recommendable to those who like these genres (science fiction and young adult), although they are genres in which my knowledge is very limited.


Finished CV. What now?

I’ve been working hard on my CV for the past couple of days and I feel it’s a rather good CV for someone who’s just finished her degree (I’m going to complete my physiotherapy’s degree in july). The thing is that I don’t feel it will be worth anything in a world of connections.

I don’t talk that much and I feel I’d be better of if I’d have a bigger number of people that enjoy my personality rather than a CV with some interesting content. It’s hard to get to know someone through a CV. I could’ve lied. I know people that do that. How will an employer know that I’m not lying and that I’m actually able of doing what I mentioned I’m good at?

And how am I supposed to compete with people that are lying on their CV’s? Besides that, how am I supposed to compete with people that have an year experience? Why would someone pick someone who’s just left college besides the fact that I may admit to receive less money than someone with some experience?

It’s a scary world I’m about to enter but I’m sure I’ll make something out of this. I have to both concern myself about being the best physiotherapist I can and to find a job in which I can evolve without too many worries.

A Man Called Ove

I’ve finished reading A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman this past wednesday and it was a rollercoaster of emotions!

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The main character of this story is Ove, a 59 year-old man who’s just recently lose his loved wife and who wants to die as soon as possible in order to meet her. Fortunate or unfortunately, his neighbours – including a cat – keep abstaining him from dying.

This is about a man that many people may not understand. I think I did. He’s a simple man that lived his life according to what he believed in. Even though that may be true, he made some changes along the way due to different scenarios he ended up in. I don’t relate with everything he did but I could relate with a lot and I could understand everything that happened.
I’ve read this book through its translation to portuguese and I couldn’t find a flaw in the whole book. The plot, the characters, the writing style. Everything was perfect while I was reading this story.
I advise you all to read this book, no matter how old you are. It’s also about relationships but it’s mainly about someone getting old and realizing everything’s different from what he was used to but he’s still the same. Coping with that may be terrifying for a man called Ove.

This was the second book I read by Fredrik Backman – the first one was the great, amazing, dearest My Grandmother Asked Me To Tell You She’s Sorry – and I’ll definitely be reading everything by him sooner or later (sooner than later probably!).

Am I anxious all the time?

Something crossed my mind today while I was standing in a social situation. I wasn’t feeling anxious but I was moving my hands in a way that definitely implied I was feeling that way. Not only that, I couldn’t speak properly. I then realized both those aspects happen to me all the time. Is it that I’m so anxious all the time I don’t notice it anymore? Is it the same with depressive symptoms? Am I so numb that when I feel happy I’m not happy at all? Are peace and happiness two feelings I don’t know yet? Am I compromising? Even though I think that may be what’s happening there’s no way for me to be sure.

A trip is coming! | Ireland 2017

Me and Diogo are going to travel to Ireland in July! We’re going to be there from the 14th to the 27th, which means we’ll have plenty time to travel around the country.


I’ve travelled quite a lot in my lifetime, even though it wasn’t always outside Portugal, my home country. I’ve never been to Ireland and I’m afraid I won’t be able to understand their accent and that they won’t be able to understand mine!

Diogo left the country once, to our neighbour Spain. He’s never been on a plane before and that’ll certainly be a high point of the trip!

We’re going to stay with a friend of us that’s living in there and that’s going to drive with us around the country!

A friend of mine from the USA is also arriving there with her mother. They’re both used to travel and they’ve been to Europe before but not to Ireland. We all know each other by now, excepting from this friend’s mom.


A post dedicated to our plans for the trip is coming but I’ll advance with the general information!

We’re leaving Dublin just a day after arriving there for a 9 days trip around the country. We’re only going to travel south of Dublin since we want to have enough time to really savour everything. After the trip we’re going to spend some days in Dublin as well, in order to get to know the capital city too.

Our american friends are going to stay in different accommodation than me, Diogo and our friend from Ireland, since the three of us are going to camp! Diogo has never done it before and so he’s very excited about that as well! There may be some days in which we’ll stay in hostels but we haven’t figure that out yet.

I’m vegetarian and, therefore, it may be harder for us to find cheap places where we can all eat. I’ll probably have to cook ahead, in our night in Dublin, for me to have some food for the first days. Hopefully I’ll be able to cook some more in some of our accommodations!

It’s going to be a cheap trip, we hope, and that’s my main concern by now, when I’m trying to plan everything out.

I’m going to share every step of the planning with you as well as every step of the trip afterwards! Stay tuned for it 🙂