I’ve got time

One lie I often use is the “I don’t have enough time” one. It’s not that I’m willingly lying to people surrounding me. It’s more that I often feel like that’s the reality I live in.

I do have time in my hands. I do need to sleep 8 hours per day and that’s something I can’t cut on for too many days straight. I spend about 7 hours in my internship and then I come home for lunch at around 3 pm. I’m very fortunate about that, I know. Adding those obligatory hours it sums up to 15 hours. That’s not the problem. The problem is what I do with the 9 hours of the day I’m left with. When I say 9 hours it does seem like a lot of hours, doesn’t it? It’s because that’s a lot of hours.

There are always ways to reduce the amount of hours you’re spending with getting ready for work and with meals. You can find which is the time of the day in which you’re faster and getting things done – like hygiene and prepping your bag – in that period of time. You can also prep your meals in advance. There are all sorts of changes you can do in order to save time in the aspects. The question is: is what you’re saving time for worth the change?

That’s what I struggle with the most – motivation. I don’t always feel motivation to make those kinds of change in order to save time for the things I enjoy. I don’t know why that is. If it’s because I don’t really like those things that much or if it’s because I’m simply lacking motivation for everything. Is it being lazy or there’s more underneath this?

And this is not about being the most productive possible. It’s about finding time to do the things we enjoy to do.

I’ve got time – you probably do as well. I’m not managing it so well – are you?


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