The fear of rejection is probably worse than the rejection itself. At least that’s what I’ve experienced so far.

I’ve been wanting to record a “Questions and Answers” type of video for the longest time and I managed to record one so far. That’s too little when compared to how strongly I want to record them. I like the interaction it provides between “youtuber” and “viewer”.

The part of the process that annoys me while recording a video like that is the asking for questions part. I’m always as close as to beg for questions. I’ve posted a “tweet” where I asked for questions and I’ve only received one – from my boyfriend…

The tricky part is that I know that if I’d only jump over this process, if I’d only ask for questions in a stronger way, I’d probably get them. I could – and that’s probably what I’m going to do – record the first video with only that one question and then keep asking for questions. That could work and I could continue with that until people would connect and start asking questions.

You can understand by what I’ve said so far that what’s stopping me is indeed the fear of rejection and not the rejection itself. I was rejected when I’ve only received one question in my “tweet”, but it’s the fear of not receiving any more in the first “Q&A video” that’s stopping me from getting this started.

I shouldn’t stop doing what I enjoy doing because I’m afraid other people won’t like it because, honestly, I don’t feel that bad when they don’t. I don’t feel sad because I only have one question. I feel sad because I may not have the guts to record a video with only that one question – that’s actually a great question!

Whenever you feel the same way as I do and you don’t feel like doing something because you’re afraid people will reject you, think about if it will actually damage you to be rejected or if you’re just making a too big of a deal out of it – as I am right now.

(Even if it may damage you to be rejected, it may damage you more to not try. Note that as well!)


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