Pile of thoughts

It currently feels like the pile of things to do will never be gone. I’ve just finished an assignment and there’s already one more waiting to be done. There isn’t time to focus on other things I enjoy apart from Physiotherapy. Even though I do enjoy Physiotherapy, I’d love to be able to read, to write, to listen to music, to watch movies, to play videogames, without feeling guilty. What usually happens is that I do all those things while I should be doing Physiotherapy related assignments. I’m never happy and relaxed while doing those things. For example, I was about to go play a videogame but I’m not going to do that now because I know I wouldn’t be enjoying it as I’d like to. I know this happens to other people as well and I wish we’d all just have more freetime. It’s a social issue that should be solved. There isn’t time to focus on our family and friends. There isn’t time to follow other passions. We don’t have to have only one passion. We can have several of those and we should be able to pursue all of them. There isn’t enough time.


2 thoughts on “Pile of thoughts”

  1. I agree with you, it happens to me all the time!! I love video games and when I have tons of work to do, I keep looking for both, the games and the work, and the time passes. I know that I’ll feel guilty if I don’t do the work, but will be sad while doing it because I’ll not have time to play after.
    It was a really good article, Alexandra!
    Good luck with all that assignments and keep doing what you love 😀

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    1. You too, Diogo! Keep studying hard and you’ll be able to work on what you like. Hopefully we’ll both manage to have jobs that aren’t this time consuming…
      Thank you so for much for reading the article and leaving this comment 🙂 It means a lot to me!


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