Losing subscribers

In the past few days we lost two more subscribers. It went from 190 to 188 subscribers. I uploaded several videos. Tons of videos. I’ve worked hard. Harder than before. I thought my videos were entertaining. I thought people would like them. It’s in times like these that I start questioning myself. What am I doing wrong? It’s in times like these that I feel I simply ain’t good enough and people in general won’t ever enjoy watching my videos. I know that the most important thing is the comments. I know that I shouldn’t pay attention to this unrealistic number. I know only a small percentage of this 188 subscribers watch my videos and that even a smaller percentage enjoys and comments on those. Those should be the ones I care about and that I don’t want to lose. At the same time, I can’t help wondering why people leave. What was it that made them unsubscribe. I unsubscribe channels that I feel don’t have relevant content or that I feel are offensive. I’d like to know why people unsubscribe to me and then I probably wouldn’t feel so down everytime it happens.


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