Binding books

Yesterday I learnt how to bind books. It was such an inspiring experience. I’m going to explain why.

For several years now, I dream about having a book shop. A place where I’d sell all sorts of books. Mainly books that I’d enjoyed but I wouldn’t restrict my costumers. Used books would be the main attraction. Or will be!

There are lots of obstacles one has to overcome in order to reach a goal. It’s the same as with video games. Most of the times, you need to improve your character and overcome some levels in order to reach the final boss and then actually win. The same goes for real life.

I want to be an author, a bookseller and a booktuber. Do you imagine how many abilities those will require? How many levels I’ll need to overcome? Learning how to bind books was another skill that I surely needed in order to conquer at least the second one.

I’m going to buy everything I need this week in order to practice. I’m going to go to three more workshops about different ways of binding books in the next two months. I’m not going to give up! If there’s a goal, there’s also tons of work in the path to reach it. I’m ready for the triple since I’ve got three goals in total!


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