I think there are moments in life in which we create our mental images for people’s faces, including our own. In the first day I meet someone, I may not be able to set his face in the mental shelf I own designed for that end. There are specific times when that face is memorized. With my boyfriend, that moment happened more than a year after I started dating him. It was in the past 31st of december as I was living the train to meet him and he looked so beautiful that that’s the image I’ve got from then on and soom after I realized that I haven’t had a picture in my head for him during all the time we’ve been dated.

It’s not that those are unchangeable. These images may change throughout time and an example of that happened tonight. When you picture someone under one perspective and then they do something that just doesns’t seem right, it seems like the images you’ve had stored before disappear and now you only have that last expression saved inside your head.


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