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Lately this blog has been slowly but surely growing. That is why I decided to take this project to the next step. I am turning this blog into a website. If you want to follow me, you can do so on I will talk to you there.


Galway to Dublin | Ireland 2017

Galway was the last big stop on our road trip around Ireland. Even though we stayed there from the 20th to the 23rd July, we did not get to visit Galway as thoroughly as I would want to since we had some personal issues there. Still, I will tell you everything we did in those days, including in our way back to Dublin!

We stayed in an awful hotel I will not recommend and had most meals in there. We had three meals out: a lunch at The Light House and a snack at Cafe Temple, both amazing places I will definitely be visiting again, and a dinner at Péarla na Mara, a place I do not recommend!

I enjoyed everything about Galway, including the street performances and Galway Cathedral. I will share with you a few photos that will better show how interesting it is!

On our way back to Dublin, Hector decided it would be fun to visit almost every town on the way! Here is the list of the places we drove through:

  • Roscommon
  • Athlone (where we had lunch in Harvest Cafe, a great restaurant)
  • Clara (personal favourite from these!)
  • Tullamore
  • Mullingar
  • Kells
  • Navan

There is not much to add about what happened after we getting back to Dublin. A couple days later Mil and Betty-Marsha left and a day later me an Diogo did as well.

I hope you enjoyed to get to know what we did during this first road trip around Ireland. Do not worry. Since this one I have travelled around the country and you will have many other Irish trips to read about during the next few weeks.

A final note: visit Ireland!

Cork to Galway | Ireland 2017

We had lots of plans of things to do after we left Cork on the 19th July during our road trip around Ireland. The truth is it all got messed up as we spent so much time in Blarney Castle and Gardens.

We drove to Killarney National Park and, even though it was too windy to fully appreciate it, we found there the beautiful Lough Leane and Ross Castle. We then had lunch in True Natural Goodness, in Killarney. On our way to the little cottage in the middle of nowhere where we stayed for the night, we passed through Tralee. We then had dinner at Subway in Newcastle West, which I do not recommend!

On the 20th July we left for Galway. Here are all the places we passed through on our way there:

  • Limerick
  • Ennis
  • Lahinch
  • Liscannor


Corofin is a small town with little to offer but a great restaurant you should visit. We had lunch in Bofey Quinns, a typical pub with friendly staff and delicious food, including plant-based options! I highly recommend this place since it was one of the favourites of every single one of us.

Cliffs of Moher


It really is easy to study rain as you are living in Ireland. As we were seeing the Cliffs, rain was approaching. The sight of the clouds and rain getting closer was one of the best of this road trip, which is why I recommend you visit this natural attraction.

I only have a small tip for you: let everyone out of your car before parking since you pay for tradditional tickets for every passenger!

The Burren National Park

We merely drove by The Burren. It is beautiful but, exactly as the name suggests, only a bunch of rocks! Beautiful rocks though.

To sum up, from everything we did in these two days, I recommend having a meal in Bofey Quinns and visiting the Cliffs of Moher.

Next week will be your last pick into our road trip! See you then.

Funding my move to Ireland

Law of attraction is trending right now (or a few months ago… Who can keep up with trends anymore?). Even though I do not connect with that specific theory, I decided it was time to take time to fully express my desires related to my move to Ireland.

There are three things I need to figure out before moving from Portugal to Ireland: housing, funding and leaving. Leaving is a completely separate topic but housing and funding come hand in hand and those are the matters we are discussing today.

There are three ways to fund yourself when moving to another country: you may have someone who can fund you, you may have enough money to fund yourself or you may have to find a way to earn money once you move. In my case, I am using a combination of the last two.

I did save some money during the time I worked here in Portugal. That may be enough for up to 6 months, depending on my housing situation in Ireland. Although that may be true, I would like to start earning money to pay my expenses right away, unless there is an extraordinary unpaid literature related internship opportunity.

There are two employment areas for me: Physiotherapy and Literature. I am clearly more qualified for a job as a physiotherapist but I will not let that stop from chasing an opportunity in the publishing industry. I can’t start working as a physiotherapist until the qualification recognition process that is currently taking place is complete. That is why I am currently looking for either an unqualified part-time job to earn money or a literature related job to gain experience in that field.

If I do not have to pay for the housing during the first 6 months, I will be able to find a job I am passionate about easily. If I do have to pay for a place to stay, that will be harder to manage and I may end up working at a job that doesn’t bring me joy. That being said, it could work out the other way around! I could find a great opportunity that is unpaid (or low paid) and I may shape my move to Ireland around that.

Moving to another country may be overwhelming but when you focus on what is truly crutial it can become a less stressful situation.


We will dip into the leaving issue next week, talking about what I will leave behind and what I will bring with me. Stay tuned if you are interested in that!

Cork | Ireland 2017

We stayed in Cork for two nights during our road trip around Ireland, between the 17th and the 19th July 2017. I will list everything we did during those days for you!

First of all, we stayed in a beautiful house in an area a few miles away from Cork. There I met an amazing family and I got to be near cows for the first time in my life! This was the best place where I stayed and I will definitely be going back there.


We had dinner at Liberty Grill and at Umi Falafel, both restaurants that I recommend, and breakfast at Griffins Garden Centre, a place quite far from the city but near the place where we stayed, that both sells garden items, like seeds, and serves delicious food!


After the road trip, while we were choosing our favourite places from it, Cobh was my immediate answer. This is a small coastal town where everyone seemed to be outside. The streets were filled with joyful people and friendly dogs.


Even though I am not a fan of religious buildings in general, St. Colman’s Cathedral was a surprise. It is a special place with all its art and panoramic views and I would recommend it for most people to visit.

There is also other places to visit in Cobh, including several monuments on the streets and an experience based on the passage of the Titanic through this city thatt we did not get to visit due to our circumstances.

We were intending to visit Spike Island but it would take too much time for us to do that and so we postponed it until our next visit.


My favourite place in Cork was the English Market, a crowded gathering of food lovers, with tons of plant-based options! We have also visited most main Cork’s attractions but I was not as impressed as I thought I would be with those.

Blarney Castle and Gardens

Well, I did not kiss the Blarney stone but Mil and Betty-Marsha did. We all enjoyed the view from up on top of Blarney Castle and the gardens are beautiful as well. I wish I could have spent some time inside the Blarney House!



To sum up, make sure you visit Cobh if you are near it and do not forget to check out the English Market if you are ever in Cork!

Next week, I will share with you everything we did on our way from Cork to Galway. Stay tuned!

Unmarried women relying on sex without feelings

As you start watching the first episode of Sex and the City, you lean about the story of an english woman who gets dumped by a male new yorker, after thinking that would be a long lasting relationship. As a ‘sexual anthropologist’, Carrie Bradshaw takes her time to study why 30-something unmarried women can’t find eligible men and what the solution for that possible issue could be.

A couple reasons for the ‘problem’ are offered by two men, both of them blaming women. It could either be due to the fact that women want to have more power than men, which clashes with men wanting more power than women, or due to the fact that men do not want to have children right away, which is apparently what you get when you date a 30-something woman. I believe in equality, at least when it comes to power within relationships. 30-something women should have as much power within their relationships as everyone else. As to having children right away, based on my personal experience, I do not think that children should be the main focus when looking for a partner. I try to base my partner choices as how happy I am with that specific person.

Maybe I am being naive because of my age. I am a 20-something woman. Is there a big difference between what unmarried 20-something women and unmarried 30-something women are looking for? I am also portuguese, so my experience may be very different from that of someone living in New York City.

Putting aside the binary system prevalent in this episode (and during the rest of the series), I do not believe that all 30-something women should base their life around finding an eligible man to marry. A person’s worth should be measured by their own perspective and not by others. Even though it is important to receive feedback from other people, which helps us build our own self-image, this should always be filtered. This issue appears when Skipper is nice to Miranda and she gives him a hard time because she ultimately seems to think he is too young for her and she is not worthy of his attraction. This may be a better explanation as to why some people can’t find a partner (which is not essential as discussed before).

The great solution for lonely unmarried 30-something women is given my Samantha when she suggests they could simply start having ‘sex like men’. Having ‘sex like men’, according to Samantha, means having sex without feeling. Once again I may be biased but so far I haven’t found a difference between how much women and men feel during sex. Besides, what does feel mean in this context? Is it feeling connection? Connection during sexual activity should not be based on how long the people involved will see each other afterwards.

This was not the best pilot episode I have ever seen. It involves many preconceptions and the prevalence of a binary system that should be long gone. Once one of my favourite series, due to my desire to become a writer, such as Carrie, this is now a series that I will watch only for the sake of research and self-reflection.

Moving to Ireland in two months!

After uploading a video for Vegaway about the fact that I am going to be moving to Ireland, I may as well announce this huge change here!

As you may know, I am a 22 year-old portuguese girl that is currently working in three jobs while lives with their parents in Portugal. Being proud to be an independent woman, this is not the situation I pictured myself in when I thought about where in life I would be at this age. The fact is that this is a temporary situation that goes on since about six months ago due to my need to earn money. The purpose has always been to move to Ireland, right from the time I did the road trip around Ireland that I have been writing about for the past few weeks.

I was supposed to move to Ireland in June 2018 but the fact is that I can’t wait that long. I do not like the situation I am in here in Portugal. Even though I like being close to my parents, I do not like to live with them since I seem to be unable to be independent here.

The initial planned date was June 2018 for a reason. The process for me to be recognized as a Physiotherapist in Ireland takes time and resources at it will not be finished until three or four months from now, assuming the answer is positive. Having decided to move to Ireland two months before the initial plan, in March 2018, I expect not being able to work as a Physiotherapist right away. This little bump is the reason why I am currently trying to find an unrelated job to start earning money right since the moment I land in the beautiful island.

I will be living in Hector’s house, which will help me settling in. I still need to pack all my stuff and solve some unresolved issues here in Portugal. At least I already resigned from all my jobs here, which is a huge relief. I do not feel like I have too much to do before moving, which is why I feel happy as opposed to overwhelmed.

If you are interested, stay tuned and I will be sharing my experience, both here and on Vegaway. It may be interesting for someone who is moving to other place as well or even if you are simply curious about how a portuguese girl copes with moving to a rainy country.

I fell in love with Ireland and I can’t wait to be there!